Hybrid TV Systems

Photo showing TV broadcast on a TV in an RV, an RV park with utility/cable pedestals, and two people watching TV on a tablet in front of a campfire by their RV. From RVParkTV.com by Its All About Satellites - DIRECTV for Business Authorized Dealer

Hybrid TV Systems for Your RV Park or Campground

We can install both Traditional RV Park TV systems where the signal is carried by coax cable to each of the pedestals at the RV site and Streaming TV systems where the signal is carried on your park's Wi-Fi network.

Each of those types of systems has its advantages and disadvantages.

You can take advantage of both with a hybrid system that gives you the flexibility to offer your campers wired and wi-fi connections.  Your campers can watch TV in their RV by plugging into the pedestal and via wi-fi to any internet connected device.

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