RV Park TV Systems

Since 1996 we have specialized in providing you and your campers with the very best entertainment options. As your campers needs and the technology used to transmit TV signals has changed, so has the RV Park TV systems we have available for you.

Today those options include:

Types of RV Park TV Systems

Stream TV Over Wi-Fi

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Watch TV on Any Internet Connected Device

Today your campers want to watch TV and Videos on their Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop as well as on a TV. You can make that possible on your RV Park TV system for your guests with WiFi Streaming, or IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

Some examples of IPTV Streaming you may be familiar with are Video on Demand and Netflix, Hulu, and Disney +.  Streaming is quickly becoming popular due to trends towards internet connected mobile devices.

At RVParkTV.com we have the newest technology to STREAM TV over your WiFi Network!


What are the benefits of RVParkTV.com’s WiFi Streaming TV System?

  • No Cabling or Trenching and No Disruption to Your Park
  • $0 Monthly Programming Costs
  • $0 Upfront Costs
  • Watch TV on ANY Internet Connected Device
  • Every Camper Can Stream Live TV Programming

While there are several distinct benefits of WiFi Streaming, at the top of the list is that with WiFi Streaming your park does not have to have or maintain an underground cable plant to deliver TV to your campers.

You can save thousands of dollars by not having to install a coaxial system at a new park or updating or upgrading coaxial distribution at an existing campground.

There is no disruption to your park when streaming your TV content, no trenches to dig, no lines to repair from guests pulling out of a spot still connected or landscaping mishaps such as cut lines or water damage to existing coaxial distributions.

By streaming, the TV at your park can be accessed through your WiFi network on your guests Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablets, PC’s and Laptops.

Your campers can Stream everything from Live Television to Movies to your own In-House Community Channel.


What is Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is a system that delivers television content over Internet Protocol networks like your WiFi network instead of delivery through traditional formats like satellite or cable television.

One major difference between traditional cable TV and IPTV streaming is the fact that with a cable box every signal from every channel is “ready to go” at the cable box.  With our streaming TV system users on your WiFi network are only getting the feed of the channel they have selected, not all the channels.  This way it doesn’t overwhelm your network when multiple users log on.


How You Can Stream Live TV

Our Streaming Technology uses predictive streaming that “dummies” down the full blown 1080P to a 480P packet, so it is only using 2.5 to 3.0 mbps per device.

That minimizes the impact on your network and allows more users to be logged on at one time.


Hosting Streaming TV Content

STREAMING is the next evolution of TV for your RV Park or Campground and with so many benefits and increased demand for Streaming Services it is clear to see why it is becoming such a popular way to send video content.

Your camper's desire to use streaming is making it a critical need to have a Strong Host WiFi Network from a Trusted Partner when it comes to maximizing your Streaming performance and user experience.  RVParkTV.com is here to help!

Whether your goal is to provide an Amenity level WiFi that allows your guests to surf the web and check email or a WiFi system that allows them to Stream TV and be Monetized,  RVParkTV.com offers WiFi and TV packages specifically designed for your RV Park and Campground.

Traditional Coax Delivery TV

Example of a compelling photo or video on your park's in-house channel from RVParkTV.com by Its AllAboutSatellites | TV Systems - Internet Access - Wi-Fi Networks

Traditional Coax Delivery TV Systems

In a world that is getting more and more complicated, RVParkTV.com is working to make it simpler for you when it comes to RV Park TV Systems and Programming.

  • $0 Upfront Costs

  • No more cable TV converter boxes.

  • No more complicated, space consuming TV systems that require large capital expenditures.

  • No being forced by cable company to give up control of your RV Park TV system infrastructure.

  • No expensive TV programming packages that require you to take premium packages

Just Say NO to Converter Boxes!!

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Are Cable TV Converter Boxes Becoming a Costly Headache for Your Park?

One of the biggest concerns RV park and Campground owners expressed to us about your TV systems at the industry conferences was the requirement from cable TV companies for you to distribute converter boxes to each camper that wants to use your TV system.

We were told that having to pass out converter boxes:

  • Cost you & your staff time signing them out and back in
  • Cause headaches for you and your staff answering questions and helping guests hook up converter boxes
  • Cost you as the park owner money when converter boxes are not returned

What If You Could Just Say NO to Converter Boxes?

RVParkTV.com has HD TV systems available that require no converter boxes including the Technicolor COM3000 HD/4K headend system from DIRECTV.

Running Coax to each Pedestal in Your Park

Traditional satellite and cable TV style delivery of TV programming to your campers requires running coax cable to each pedestal in your park.

It also requires maintaining and repairing your cabling plant from guests pulling out of a spot still connected, landscaping mishaps such as cut lines, and water damage to your existing coaxial distribution.

RV Park TV System Programming Options

OTT with $0 Monthly


Up to 20 of your local channels with no monthly programming fee.


Technicolor COM3000 Headend for DIRECTV

The Ultimate HD Entertainment Experience. DIRECTV gives you the flexibility to offer the quality entertainment your campers want at the affordable prices you need. Bring a more enjoyable, a more affordable, entertainment experience to your park today.

DIRECTV’s free-to-guest solutions will help transform your properties, help reduce servicing costs and provide the ultimate entertainment experience for your park. Ask about equipment subsidies.

RV Park TV Systems