Wi-Fi Networks for Campgrounds

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Wi-Fi Networks for RV Parks and Campgrounds

-Turnkey Wi-Fi Networks for RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Outdoor Hospitality

The demand for Wi-Fi access at campgrounds and RV Parks has shifted from “nice to have”, to an expected amenity. A necessity. WiFi network performance has become a business-critical requirement because your guests have come to expect a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi expectations are increasing every year with the rise of the connected traveler. According to the KOA North American Cam[ping Study, 93% of campers bring one or more mobile device and 40% determine how often and how long they will camp based on the availability of quality Wi-Fi. 25% of campers say that it enhances their experience to be able to share their camping trip on social media.

Do your guests complain of dead spots on your Wi-Fi network?
Places in your park where they can’t access your network?

Custom Tailored Wi-Fi Solutions with NO Dead Spots

100% Coverage regardless of the circumstance – tree coverage, challenging topography, even a lake or river in the middle of your property, RVParkTV.com has a broadband internet and Wi-Fi solution for you that will allow your guests to access Wi-Fi throughout your property with no dead spots.

We’ll ensure your guests stay connected with a mobile optimized network, allowing them to roam from one end of your RV Park or Campground to the other with their mobile device always connected.

Remote Wi-Fi Management & Monitoring with 24/ 7 Guest Support

RV Parks are often in rural or semi-rural areas where Internet speeds are slower and more expensive, electrical supply to the system and access points may be less stable and links between access points is usually wireless instead of wired. Add exposure to elements such as rain, wind and lightning and the equipment is subject to more wear and needs attention more often.

Managing your staff and guests’ experience as well as the WiFi network can be time consuming and taxing for you and your staff. An easy to manage Wi-Fi network is a critical need so there is no disruption in your services.

Fanatical Customer Service

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help your valued guests get connected and stay connected.

Give Your Campers a Wi-Fi Network with Streaming Capabilities

Modern travelers don’t just want to tell scary ghost stories; they want to stream them around a campfire. With our broadband internet access and custom tailored WiFi solutions, RVParkTV.com can provide streaming quality WiFi for your guests.

No Limits on Bandwidth For Your Guests

With smaller bandwidth broadband internet solutions, other internet providers force you to set limits on usage for your valued guests and your RV park Wi-Fi. Not with RVParkTV.com. With our 1000+ mbps broadband, your campers can use the bandwidth they need to have the very best Wi-Fi experience.

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