A Record Camping Season Comes to an End

2021 has been a record year for the RV Park and Campground industry.

More filled campgrounds and happy campers than ever before.

Parks filled to capacity has brought issues to the forefront that RV park owners either have not had to deal with before or that were made into bigger problems by the sheer number of campers. TV systems that had poor reception in areas or recurring maintenance issues do to the number of campers and weather related problems. Legacy Wi-Fi systems brought to their knees by an overload of campers.

According to KOA in their annual North American Camping Report, not only did campers bring a increased number of internet connected devices, but many people came to camp and stayed to work or for virtual school. The growth of remote work and virtual schooling, especially among first time campers, made access to technology more important than ever.

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  • Live TV on any internet connected device – TV, Tablet, Laptop, or Smart Phone.
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