Will You Be Joining Us?

Will you be joining us at the RV Park and Campground Industry Conferences and Conventions in November and December

So much new technology has come out in the past 2 years and COVID made it hard to get face to face to talk about it and demonstrate how it may be able to help you fill your park and earn more money. This year we have had the pleasure of getting together face to face at a few shows including at the Michigan ARVC show pictured above, but now we have 5 big opportunities to get together in just 6 weeks.

5 Exciting Educational and Networking Events in 6 Weeks

This time of year is an exciting one in the RV and Campground industry. For most of the country the high season for campers is over and the 2nd season, the RV industry show season, begins. RVPARKTV.com by ItsAllAboutSatellites is proud to be sponsoring many of the industry conferences and Conventions including the ones below.

CONY, the Campground Owners Association of NY, kicks off the month with their 57th Annual convention on November 1st-3rd in beautiful Niagara Falls NY.

Then the 3 largest shows of the year fill our month with even more excitement, education, and networking opportunities.

Then in December the Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association or PCOA has their Convention on December 6-7th.

Make Sure to Catch Barry’s Talk at OHCE

This year Barry will be presenting at the Prospective Owners Workshop

Beam It or Stream It.

Barry will be talking about the new and exciting technology changes that have happened for RV Parks and Campgrounds.

Now You Can Stream TV over Your Wi-Fi

One of the biggest problems with providing your campers with TV in RV Parks and Campgrounds is cabling. Not only do you have to dig trenches to get the cable to the campsites, but to keep the TV on you have to deal with all the maintenance from campers pulling out while still connected, weather related damage from rain and flooding, and cut lines from landscaping mishaps.

Streaming TV over your Wi-Fi solves the cabling issue and it allows your campers to watch TV on any internet connected device.

What are the biggest benefits of a Wi-Fi Streaming TV System?

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  • No Cabling or Trenching and No Disruption to Your Park
  • Watch TV on ANY Internet Connected Device
  • Every Camper Can Stream Live TV Programming

While there are several distinct benefits of Wi-Fi Streaming, at the top of the list is that with Wi-Fi Streaming your park does not have to have or maintain an underground cable plant to deliver TV to your campers.

According to ARVC, 56% of RV parks and campgrounds do not have coaxial cable plant run throughout their park. With our streaming TV system you can save thousands and possibly tens of thousands of dollars by not having to install a coaxial system at your new park or updating or upgrading coaxial distribution at your existing campground.

Cable TV Converter Boxes are a Costly Headache for Parks

At RV Industry conferences we learned that one of the biggest concerns RV park and Campground owners expressed to us about your TV systems was the requirement from cable TV companies for you to distribute converter boxes to each camper that wants to use your TV system.

We were told that having to pass out converter boxes

  • Cost you and your staff time signing them out and back in,
  • Cause headaches for you and your staff answering questions
    and helping guests hook up the boxes
  • Cost you money when converter boxes are not returned.

What if You could Just Say No to Converter Boxes?

Its All About Satellites has HD/4K TV systems available that require no converter boxes including the Technicolor COM3000 HD/4K headend system from DIRECTV.

The DIRECTV COM3000 Headend from Technicolor,
is making Your New RV Park TV System easier

Just Say No To Converter Boxes with the COM3000 HD Headend System from RVPArkTV.com by Its All About Satellites

In a world that is getting more and more complicated, Its All About Satellites and DIRECTV are working to make it simpler for you when it comes to RV Park TV Systems and Programming.

  • No more cable TV converter boxes.
  • No more complicated, space consuming TV systems that require large capital expenditures.
  • No being forced by cable company to give up control of your RV Park TV system infrastructure.
  • No expensive TV programming packages that require you to take premium packages

The COM3000 Headend from DIRECTV is a perfect RV Park TV System solution

The COM3000 works on the existing cable plant in your park without the need for a converter box or set top receiver so you don’t have the hassle of the converter boxes & remotes or the substantial additional costs of new fiber being run. The COM3000 can also work with the new Wi-Fi streaming TV setups.

  • More Channels in Less Space – up to 138 Channels in just 3 RU of Rack Space
  • Save Energy – Just 225W of power consumption – 37% less than DISH SMARTbox
  • Remote Management – Access system via web interface
  • Half the Price of a COM1000 headend and comparable to DISH’s SMARTbox
  • Programming packages from just 2.49 per unit per month

Guaranteed Speed Broadband Internet Access

Today, internet access at RV Parks and Campgrounds is not just a nice to have amenity, its a must. According to the KOA North American Camping Study 93% of campers bring mobile devices along with them and 40% say quality internet access helps determine how long they stay.

With COVID, many campers are staying longer and working from your campground too. They not only want internet access, they need it. Are you providing the internet access your campers want and need?

We specialize in bringing you and your campers broadband internet access

True Broadband Speeds for Every Guest

TRUE Broadband Speeds for EACH user – 25 mbps download / 25 mbps upload. Even at peak times your guests can experience the broadband internet speeds they are used to at home.

True Broadband Speed Internet Access Gives You more than fast Internet connections for your guests. It helps your business.

  • Guests get better access to your online services while they are there
  • Guests market for you through immediate sharing of their experience
  • Tour booking made easier and faster
  • Better employee retention
  • Business operations are more efficient with faster internet
  • Accessibility for Digital Signage and In-Park Marketing
  • Enhanced, 15-ft radius of guest location for E911

Wi-Fi Networks with 100% Park Coverage

In their 2018 North American Camping Study, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) stated that quality Wi-Fi increases the average stay in KOA campgrounds by 2 days per visit.  KOA says those guests are more engaged during their stay and leave more 5 star reviews for the rv park or campground.

Having quality Wi-Fi for your campers went from a nice to have amenity to a must have feature for any park.

Its All About Satellites provides you with:

  • Turnkey Custom Tailored WiFi Solutions with 100% Coverage – NO Dead Spots!!
    No matter the circumstance – tree coverage, challenging topography, even a lake or river in the middle of your property.
  • WiFi with Streaming Capabilities
    Including your TV programming!!
  • No Limits on Bandwidth For Your Guests
  • Remote WiFi Management & Monitoring with 24/ 7 Guest Support

100% Financing available

We have financing available for 100% of the cost of your system. You can even roll other improvements to your park into one easy payment.

If you want to lease your next system, our programs may allow you to do that as well. Call me today!

Come See Us In-Person
at the 2021 RV Park and Campground Industry Conferences and Conventions

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TV Systems, Broadband Internet, and WiFi for RV Parks and Campgrounds

Make sure to find Barry and Ted at the shows and ask them all the questions you have about TV systems,Broadband Internet Access, and 100% Coverage WiFi Networks for your RV Park or Campground.

  • Who owns your TV cabling infrastructure?
  • Why is the cable company claiming you have to have converter boxes?
  • How can you stream TV over your WiFi to any internet connected device
    $0 Monthly Programming Costs, $0 Upfront Costs, No Trenching or Cabling
  • Why Its All About Satellites can deliver a better TV experience without converter boxes

Call Barry at 800-951-1979 today

for more information about
TV Systems, Broadband Internet, and WiFi
for RV Parks and Campgrounds

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