How important is great Wi-Fi for your Campground?

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How Important is Great Wi-Fi Speeds and Park Coverage? Ask RVshare!

RVshare revealed their 2022 Campies winners last week
and guess what one of the 12 categories was!

Last week, RVshare, a community for RV owners and renters, unveiled the list of winners of its first annual Campers’ Choice Awards.  This new awards program recognizes RV parks and campgrounds across the US in various categories that campers say are most important to them.

One of the 12 categories was – Best Wi-Fi

So Why Was WI-Fi included as a category?

The answer is simple. In the recent 2022 KOA North American Camping Report, 54% of campers in recent say that Wi-Fi is a determining factor in which park they choose. Most campers arrive at your park with two or more Wi-Fi enabled devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and even smart TVs!!

Another factor today is full-time RVers that work while they Here is an article that talks about that trend.

“The Hillemanns’ office equipment includes laptops, tablets, a printer, a filing cabinet, a mobile hot spot and a cell booster.” “We’re always connected,” Mr. Hillemann said.

Wall Street Journal –
Camper at an RV park using a tablet near the fire. Wi-Fi is a deciding factor for 54% of campers when they choose a park to stay at.

What that means to you is that your campers stay at your RV park or campground longer when they can connect with friends, family, and work when needed, without frustration caused by bad Wi-Fi and slow internet speeds.

Your RV park or campground benefits from FREE marketing when your campers can immediately share the experience via social media, texting and blogging.

How is YOUR Campground’s Wi-Fi?

Can your Wi-Fi handle streaming services like Netflix and live TV?

Are there dead spots in your park where Wi-Fi is not available or weak?

Can your campers use emergency services like 911?

When campers review your park, will they talk about your fast and reliable Wi-Fi or the problems they had connecting and using it?

Walk around your park and check your internet speeds here:

Are you ready to provide your campers with Wi-Fi and Internet
that lives up to the Broadband speeds they are used to at home?

It the answer is yes, we may be able to provide you, your campers, and your staff with Wi-Fi that will give you blazing fast, true Broadband speeds* for every camper, on every device, EVEN during peak hours with 100% coverage of your park. No more dead spots.

Many of our customers have told us that now that they can advertise “Guaranteed Broadband Speeds for EVERY Camper”, they have seen increases of 10-20% in bookings!

*FCC definition of Broadband; 25 Mbps to every device

Best of all, we may be able to do that for you with $0 upfront costs!!

To find out how you can get
Blazing Fast Wi-Fi with 100% coverage
for your RV park or Campground
and see if your park qualifies for $0 Upfront costs
Call 800-951-1979 Today

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