TV for RV Parks – SD is Dead. HD is HERE!

Support for Standard Definition (SD) TV systems
and Programming will soon be history!

Older 30 Channel Analog SD System on Right. 48 Channel HD COM Systems in Blue

SD Is Dead

Many providers had planned to phase it out in late 2020 or early 2021 but have extended the drop dead date into 2022 because of COVID.  

Our #1 programming provider is telling us today that all SD receivers still in use in Analog Rack Systems will be shutdown on March 22nd and we need to get all our customers transferred over to new HD headend systems by the end of the March because they will no longer support legacy SD systems!!

While all new TVs have been high definition since 2001 and standard definition analog programming ended in 2009, many parks have been hanging on the SD TV systems they have been using to provide programming to their campers.

Whether that is because of cost of upgrading old cable or satellite TV headend systems to HD or because there are still a few campers are coming into your park with SD TVs in their RVs, …

The reality is that within a few months SD will simply not be available anymore.

Why Have So Many Parks Put Off Upgrading Their TV Systems Yet?

In a word, cost. Before the HD COM TV System by Technicolor was introduced in 2009, upgrading your park’s TV system to HD was a costly and disruptive.

A huge constraint in upgrading to a HD TV System was the downtime required. In a 24/7/365 industry like lodging, this amounts to a major cost in addition to the new TV system itself.

What are the Solutions Available for you?

Hanging on to your Analog Rack System & Upgrading the Receivers/Modulators

You can hang onto that old 6 foot rack system for a while by installing H25 HD receivers and NTSC-8 modulators that converts that signal back to an SD format for your properties. 


Cost – Right now you are only replacing the receivers and adding modulators  


Size, energy usage, and maintenance.  

Over time the replacement of receivers and channel modulators will surpass the cost of a new, future-proof HD COM system.

In October 2021, our suppliers informed us that they will no longer be manufacturing the modulators that are needed to step down the HD signal to SD format. So, once the current stock of receivers and modulators are gone, you will not be able to replace those modulators.

Install a New HD COM Headend System

48 Channel HD COM System – COM421 Chassis/QAM4 Module

The COM System is an HD headend video solution for any size park.  Whether you want to provide your campers with a basic number of channels or a full slate of 138 channels, we have HD TV systems and programming packages to fit your needs.


  • 23 to 138 channels with the ability for a custom in-house channel  
  • Scalable solution – able to support hundreds of channels.
  • Easy “plug-n-play” setup and installation.  
  • Remote management and troubleshooting
  • More channels in less space.  48 channels in 1 RU/1.75″ – 138 channels in 3 RU/5.25″
  • Energy-efficient – less than 300 watts of power consumption. 
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with property Branding and program info banner Integrated
  • Supports IP and QAM signal distribution
  • Local and over-the-air content insertion
  • Ability to broadcast over your properties WI-FI!   


Cost – Scroll down for more on that. We have got you covered.

The NEW COM3000 Lite, is a version of the COM3000 with the addition of two new components.  The COM421 chassis paired with the QAM4 output module.  These components are targeted to deliver cost savings for a lower channel count than a COM3000 system with the same number of channels. Delivering cost savings for lower channel count properties offers even greater versatility to customers’ needs.

Ted Maes – National Sales Manager Its All About Satellites

Benefits of your new HD TV system over that old Analog SD headend TV system

Happier Guests.

In their homes all of your campers have HD TVs. In fact, all new TVs manufactured for the last 20 years have been HD. Since 2009 all TV broadcasts have come in at least 720P HD and today almost all are at 1080i or higher.

While we can still use a modulator to step down an HD broadcast to SD right now, the result is a grainy, square (4:3) picture on your camper’s rectangular (16:9) HD TV. Would you be happy seeing that while watching your favorite TV show? Neither are your campers.

Energy Savings

A fully loaded COM3000 requires less than 300 watts of power consumption. According to Solid Signal, when compared to a 24 channel SD headend system a new HD COM3000 can save you as much as $3750 over a typical 5 year contract with our preferred programming provider. With the new COM421 Chassis and QAM4 module your energy savings will be even greater

Space Requirements

You know how huge your old analog SD headend system is. If you have not opened the closet your TV system is in recently, the system on the right side of the photo at the top of this article is a typical 30 channel SD headend system.

Standard definition headend systems are, simply, huge. A 30 channel system typically takes up two and often three full size, read 6 foot tall, racks in a room at your property.

A new 138 Channel HD COM3000 TV system takes up just 3RU (5.25″) of rack space

With the new COM421 chassis and QAM4 module being released in Q1 2022, the footprint of your new TV system is reduced to just 1 RU/1.75” of rack space and it lowers both the energy usage and your initial investment for systems up to 48 channels.

Steaming TV over Wi-Fi

The COM3000 and new COM3000 lite give you the ability to securely stream live TV to your campers either in conjunction with your existing coax cable wiring or without the need for cabling throughout your park. Your campers and staff can watch live TV on any internet connected device.

We have even removed the upfront cost barrier

When you sign up for a 5 year term for programming from our preferred provider, they provide subsidies that cover the cost of the equipment in your new HD COM TV system. You still will have an investment in the installation of the new HD COM TV system.

To make it even easier, we have leasing options available so you can get a new HD COM TV system installed with no upfront costs and even push your 1st payment to your high season so you have revenue coming in before you have to pay.

Yes! We Can Get Your NEW System Installed Before April 1st.

Want your new HD COM3000 TV system installed before your park opens this spring? We can get that done for you. We specialize in RV Parks and Campgrounds and will provide you with the quickest turnaround in the industry.

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